SensorUp Webinar Hosted By Eclipse Open Source Foundation #1 of 1

OGC SensorThings: IoT Data Interoperability With A GeoWeb Approach

Dr. Steve Liang, SensorUp’s founder and CEO, recently delivered a webinar hosted by the Eclipse Open Source Foundation IoT group. Thanks so much to all who came, we’re so happy to see so many of you interested in Open Source, Open Standards, and IoT!! The webinar, titled “OGC: SensorThings: IoT Data Interoperability with a GeoWeb Approach” drew quite a crowd, with 91 people in attendance from all over the world. Steve gave a brief intro to the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). He explained why intelligent location capability is so critical to IoT data. Most importantly, he explained why interoperability is critical to unleashing the real power of global IoT, and why open standards are key to interoperability. OGC IoT standards, specifically OGC SensorThings API formed the bulk of the talk. Highlights included an overview of the benefits of our new standard, and some case studies!

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